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By Rosie Wells

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contactnewMILWAUKEE, WI Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Roger Mixter 5201 N. Port Washington Rd. Milwaukee, WI 53217 Email: Toll (800) 270-4748

contact1ST. THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Elysian Hotel & Beach Resort Cowpet Bay St. Thomas, USVI  (340) 715-1227 Email: Toll (800) 270-4748

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Many offices offer permanent makeup, but the level of expertise which Rosie Wells achieves can only be described as artistry. No one else comes close. Roger Mixter


After seeing Rosie do a demonstration on brows, I was convinced. I had seen work done elsewhere and the results were not very natural. Rosie is truly an artist. I love my lips too! I love waking up looking like I’m alive. It’s so natural. I know her heart is filled with pride in her work. Rita Brown

Aspiring Model

I wouldn’t be caught dead without some eye makeup before I left home. Rosie made my eyes look bigger and brighter without looking heavy. I love not having to worry about looking all washed out like before. Sara Jensen


“My lifestyle is a busy one and I don’t have a lot of time. I used to spend time on myself before I had my children. I stopped fixing myself up and my husband started commented that I looked tired a lot. I had my eyes and brows done and I look like a new person. My husband loves it and I he notices me more. There’s nothing nicer than waking up knowing you look nice. I wish I had this done this ten years ago.” Madeline F. Milwaukee, WI
“I wanted to have my brows done for a long time but was afraid it would be too dark and that I’d be stuck looking like a clown. Rosie gave me prettier eyebrows that I had when I was young. They look so natural that no one has ever guessed I had something done.” Joanne W. Milwaukee WI
“I had my brows done by some one else and it didn’t turn out very good. They were too dark and straight. I later found Rosie and she softened the color for me and added hair strokes to reshape and make them look like the real thing. I was so happy that I had her do my lips too. My lips were so thin and pale and she made them look fuller. It looks like I have great lips. They are so natural, everyone thinks it’s me. I was thrilled because I thought I was stuck with something that couldn’t be changed. Now I feel better because I don’t worry about anything anymore.” Sandra D. Boca Raton, F
“I could never keep make up on because it is so hot and humid in St. Thomas. I work on a boat and after a long day, I looked pretty rough. I had my whole face done and now I look like great all the time even after swimming and sailing. Thanks Rosie.” Jennifer S. St. Thomas, USVI

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

A state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing

Today, Millions of people, from busy executives looking for that extra edge, to mothers who just want to look their best have made a proactive self improvement decision. Permanent Cosmetic makeup is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. The results are more natural than regular makeup. The benefits are varied and almost everyone claims they wish they had done this sooner.

Choosing the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

Choose your technician carefully

Choose your technician carefully by considering their training, experience, and examples of their previous work. Check for licensing, certifications, and be sure they have liability insurance. See more here…

I Am Rosie Wells

& This is my story...
rosieworkingRosie Wells has been an artist since her early years. She took many classes on face sketching and would buy every make up book she could get her hands on. In 1985 she opened her own salon which ran successfully for thirteen years. When Permanent Cosmetics first went mainstream, she became very interested in the process personally, as she was never without make up on herself. After investigating training opportunities all over the country, she went to California for the first of many more classes to learn this profession well. She has literally been all over the United States learning from the most experienced and respected individuals in the industry. Her work is of the highest standards as she herself lived with a poor procedure several years ago. Rosie made it her motto to always give the patient something she herself would want on her face. That is why she is so dedicated to this industry and encourages patients to seek an experienced technician when contemplating having Permanent Cosmetics. Her work at the Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery since 1994 in Milwaukee has brought her much attention from the press and television. In 1997 she expanded her Milwaukee practice to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas. Her biggest satisfaction is the many satisfied patients and referrals she has received helping people change their lives. As Rosie puts it, “Permanent Cosmetics gives people confidence and a better self esteem. I know, because it happened for me too.”

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