Advanced Skin Needling

Rosie Wells – Milwaukee Dermapen Professional 

Rosie Wells has been extensively involved in the aesthetics industry since opening her own business in 1985. In 1985 she opened a salon which ran successfully for thirteen years. When Permanent Cosmetics first went mainstream, she became very interested in the process personally, as she was never without make up on herself.

After investigating training opportunities all over the country, she went to California for the first of many more classes to learn this Milwaukee Dermapenprofession well. She has literally been all over the United States learning from the most experienced and respected individuals in the industry. Her work is of the highest standards as she herself lived with a poor procedure several years ago. After four laser treatment to correct the problem, she made it her motto to always give the patient something she herself would want on her face. That is why she is so dedicated to this industry and encourages patients to seek an experienced technician when contemplating having Permanent Cosmetics.

She has received considerable permanent makeup training nationwide from some of the most respected professionals in the industry. Her training includes advanced courses in skin re-pigmentation, color corrections, areola pigmentation, cleft lip corrections, scar camouflage and other medical procedures along with traditional permanent makeup.

Rosie is thrilled to announce the addition of Dermapen treatments at her locations in Milwaukee, WI and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. She has 19 years clinical experience working with three different plastic surgery clinics coast to coast and internationally. As Rosie puts it, “Permanent Cosmetics gives people confidence and a better self esteem. I know, because it happened for me too.”

Rosie Wells – Milwaukee Dermapen Professional

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