Microdermabrasion and MicroDermex A Natural Alternative That CHANGES LIVES!

Lines, Sun Damage, Acne Scars, & even Surgical Scars!


rosieWhat Is Microdermabrasion and The MicroDermex™? Microdermabrasion is a new beginning for skin. The MicroDermex treatment is an advanced form of skin rejuvenation that has been practiced widely in Europe for over 15 years. Utilizing an advanced, dual-function technique that combines exfoliation and aspiration, the MicroDermex treatment removes epidermal imperfections, stimulates and restores circulation, and provides new energy for healthy epidermal tissue growth. MicroDermex works by spraying microcrystals on the skin surface, which gently abrade the epidermal cells, removing unattractive lines and imperfections. These microcrystals, along with the abraded cells, are then aspirated to a collection chamber. The aspiration process encourages blood circulation to the treated area and promotes healthy tissue replacement, leaving skin with a soft, smooth appearance.



The MicroDermex Treatment is a new non-aggressive procedure that is simple, precise and completely safe. Unlike chemical peeling and traditional medical dermabrasion, there is absolutely no risk of complication. You will not need any anesthesia. The treatment can be performed on all types of skin and immediately you can resume your normal, everyday activities.

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